Our Concept: Guidelines and Principles

  • Each child has a unique personality and is therefore special.
  • We welcome all children.
  • In our day-care centre, all children have an equal opportunity to develop their abilities.
  • Every child creates their own image of the big wide world and actively shapes their own development.
  • In our day-care centre, children experience diversity as a positive aspect of life.
    Our qualified teaching staff see every child as a personality in their own right and interact with them from person to person.
  • They take children seriously and involve them in the centre’s day-to-day decision making processes as appropriate to their age.
  • They see their role as supporting children and attending to their needs.

Regarding methods and principles of education, our approach is based on the Saxon Education Plan (Sächsischer Bildungsplan). In all we do, we take the actual situation as a starting point, the focus is thus on the child. Many of the children’s own ideas will, intentionally or spontaneously, be incorporated in the daily routine. In matters concerning them, the children in the centre have the right to be heard and to participate in discussions and take part in decision-making; their opinions will be taken into proper account. Children want to and should take responsibility.